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You don't need to be on your way to a courtroom to need a lawyer. In fact, many people wait far too long ask for legal support. The Law Offices of Glen D. Mangum offers ongoing consultation services. As a trusted employment lawyer in San Antonio, TX, I will carefully listen to your story, analyze your situation and give you some preliminary legal advice as to your best course of action.

If you need further representation, I'll let you know what my terms for representation will be going forward. Even if you'd like to take your case elsewhere, I'll still try to give you my best advice I can as to how you can advocate for yourself going forward.

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consultation services in San Antonio, TX

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As a sole practitioner, I'm able to provide hands-on, personalized legal support to my clients. My door is always open to help you when new developments arise. If you need to get in touch with an employment lawyer in San Antonio, TX, turn to me for legal guidance. I'm looking forward to your call.